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Full Moon

Fall 2023 - Dream Big
October 5th - 8th - Watervliet, MI (Ronora Lodge and Retreat Center)


Lunar Retreats has been "retreating" for over five years, creating many memories with yoga classes, hiking, meditation sessions, healing treatments, workshops, bonfires, excursions, and more! 
We believe in making every retreat fresh and fun! We theme each one and center the activities around the theme making every retreat different than the one before. Every year we plan a new menu with our catering staff and we ensure that all food allergies, sensitivities, and preferences are fully integrated into your dining service.
We always have custom apparel as a gift to you as well!
Join us for Fall of 2022 and have an unforgettable weekend of healing, connection, new friendships, and laughter.


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"Come forth into the light of things,

let nature be your teacher."

~William Wordsworth


"To walk in nature is to experience a thousand miracles"

~Mary Davis

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